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Collectie Washington Green – Alan M. Hunt’s African Wilderness (the Sappi Portfolio)

Collectie Washington Green – Alan M. Hunt’s African Wilderness (the Sappi Portfolio)


Voor een goed beeld kun je beter naar het geheel komen kijken.

Alan Hunt heeft een heel speciale editie gemaakt, genaamd de Sappi Portfolio.

Bestaande uit een luxe bruine doos met 12 prenten.

Het gaat om de conservation editie.

Prenten zijn 45 x 34 cm.

Ze zijn genummerd.

Het is nummer 317/995.



In 1997 one of the foremost wildlife artists in the world Alan M Hunt was commissioned by Sappi to produce the 10th in the series of natural history portfolios. The Sappi Collection is a project desig…


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British Wildlife Artist Alan M. Hunt began painting at the age of eight, when his mother gave him a box of paints to occupy him as he recuperated from an illness. He started off painting British garden birds , which had fascinated him from an early age, but soon moved on to capture animals and the natural world around him on canvas.

Hunt firstly studied art at Middlesborough Art College, he then decided to study zoology at Leeds college and Bristol University. His first solo exhibition was in his local town of Redcar and soon after Alan exhibited at the Austin Hayes Gallery in York.

Alan has received international acclaim as a wildlife painter for his animal art, winning The Society of Animal Artists’ USA Award of Excellence on four occasions and The Wildlife Art Societies UK “Best Artist on Show” for three consecutive years.

Hunt’s popularity became immediately evident in the USA and he became the lead artist at five exhibitions in the US and in 1998 was the first non-American painter to be voted on to the American Wildlife Art Hall Of Fame. In 1999, he was chosen as Artist of the Year for the Florida Wildlife Art Expo.

Alan’s animal art has become popular and also attracted huge interest at major auctions including Sotheby’s, Bonhams and Christie’s and continues to captivate collectors across the World. And has featured in Exhibitions with the Halcyon Gallery including Harrods in London.

In recent years, Alan has stepped away from the media spotlight, art exhibition and gallery circuit to explore and develop his painting style to become the best in his field and with a particular emphasis on capturing texture, depth and richness.  His painting experiments have yielded feathers, fur and satin of unparalleled realism.

Alan is now semi-retired was section winner in the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year 2010 with his exquisite tiger painting  “The Watchmen” in the animals in their environment section. of the BBC wildlife artist of the year competition. More recently Alan won 3 awards at the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the year 2018 These have been the only two art competition he has entered in the last 10 years.

Painting Field Trips 
Some of the most memorable field trips have been Africa, Alaska, Yellowstone, Kenya, Guatemala, India, Nepal, Madagascar, Botswana and the Antarctic.  His favourite was playing with the mountain Gorillas in Rwanda.


For more than 30 years, Washington Green had led the way in fine art publishing.

Representing a diverse range of artists, the publishing powerhouse has set trends and influenced the contemporary art market since 1986. Today, Washington Green continues to be one of the most well-respected art publishers in the world, representing some of the world’s leading contemporary artists including Bob Dylan, Ronnie wood and Lorenzo Quinn.

In 2005 Washington Green acquired Castle Fine Art. Thanks to Washington Green’s expertise in art curation, Castle Fine Art has delivered quality, creativity and style to its clients for the past 25 years.

Until 2017, Washington Green supplied independent galleries across the world, primarily UK, Europe and USA. Since Castle Fine Art’s growth surge, it is now Washington Green’s only retail gallery relationship. Unlike other galleries, who share publishers with their competitors, Washington Green art is unique and exclusive to Castle Fine Art. The Halcyon Group, of which Washington Green and Castle Fine Art are part, is now one of the largest and most respected art groups in the world.



Momenten zijn tijdelijk, herinneringen zijn voor altijd. Kies daarom voor een omlijsting die de herinnering levend houdt en die aansluit bij jouw wensenGa je voor modern of klassiek? Normaal, ontspiegeld of museumglas? Hout of aluminium? We lijsten jouw moment “custom made” in.
Benieuwd naar de mogelijkheden…..